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Subject: Rose Hill Herald


From: Steve Comeans spcomeans@rosehillnazarene.org


A publication of Rose Hill Church of the Nazarene

February 1, 2010

Volume 3 Issue 2


1. Pastor’s thoughts

2. Laugh a little

3. Thought for the month

4. Helpful websites

5. Nazarene websites

6. Rose Hill News


1. There were so many folks back in late December of 1999 who thought we would never live to see January 2000.  We are entering the second month of the ten years later.  A decade has passed.  We look back at that past decade and ask ourselves: “What has happened?”  Let’s look at just a few things that occurred.


China became the third country to put a human being in orbit [14 Oct 2003]when 38-year-old Air Force officer Yang Liwei orbited 14 times in Shenzhou-5.
The Decade 2000-2010 included the International Space Station finally up and running, but with a much-reduced crew and little purpose. The Russian Mir space station was allowed to crash to Earth (22 Mar 2001). The American Space Shuttle program halted for months after the tragic destruction on reentry of the Columbia 
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2002 went to Jimmy Carter [born 1924], 39th 
President of the United States of America, "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development."  In 2009 President Barrack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”
This was the decade when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were jet-bombed by terrorists on the unforgettable 9/11/2001.
In response, the United States and its allies (including Great 
Britain, Australia, and Poland) overthrew and occupied Afghanistan and 
Iraq. President Clinton's Vice President, Al Gore, won the popular vote yet (due to voting chaos in Florida) lost the Presidency to George W. Bush, son of President George H. W. Bush. Clinton's efforts to broker peace between Israel and Palestine failed.  A pair of snipers killed and killed repeatedly in the Washington DC area. Milosevic was handed over the Hague (2001). The Space Shuttle Columbia died a fiery death above the United States (2003). In the 2004 Presidential election, the democrat Howard Dean and the Republican incumbent George W. Bush were neck and neck, with the tie broken by suspect Diebold Corporation voting machines, which kept things tied up in the U.S. Supreme Court for a second election in a row.

On March 19 at 9:34 p.m. — two days after demanding that Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday and Qusay surrender and leave Iraq within 48 hours — the U.S.-led coalition begins bombing Baghdad. Strikes are first made against "targets of opportunity" on the outskirts of Baghdad. In his address to the nation at 10:16 p.m. EST, President Bush outlines the purpose of invading Iraq: "to disarm Iraq, to free its people, and to defend the world from grave danger." On March 20th at 7:57 A.M., the first confirmed skirmish between American and Iraqi forces takes place. By 4:00 p.m. that day, there are at least 7 raids on Baghdad.


No more love in the afternoon: This has been an extraordinarily bad decade for soap operas. While the death knell for the long-standing daytime drama began with the 1999 cancellation of NBC’s Another World, the genre keeps taking hits in ratings, relevance and numbers. Relative newbie Passions, with its witches and talking dolls, took a powder in 2007, followed by the death of CBS’ Guiding Light, the oldest serial drama, in 2009. And recently, CBS announced that As the World Turns will end a 54-year run in 2010. Blame shifting viewing habits, myriad choices on cable, DVRs all you want, but in trying to appeal to new viewers with shaky cameras, mob violence and flashiness, soaps forgot all about the love. We went through the fiasco of Jay Leno turning over the reins of the Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien and in 2010 we see the reverse happening.
Reality shows as life and career rehab: Once upon a time, celebrities would have volunteered to reverse their own plastic surgery with a rusty knitting needle before they’d admit that maybe their careers, love lives and facial elasticity weren’t what they used to be. But now, if it’ll get them back in the limelight, stars of recent yesteryear are willing to admit that they’re fat (Celebrity Fit Club), players (Scott Baio Is 45 and Single, Rock of Love With Brett Michaels), broke (Broke and Famous starring Willie Aames) or drunk (Celebrity Rehab). I guess it’s better than being forgotten about. I guess.
Noted deaths:  Ted Kennedy – 2009, Michael Jackson – 2009, Farrah Fawcett – 2009, Milton Berle – 2002, George Carlin – 2002, Johnny Cash – 2003, Buddy Ebsen – 2003, Paul Harvey – 2009, Michael Jackson – 2009, Soup Sales – 2009
The population of the world reached 6,768,167,712 and the three most populous nations are China at 1,338,612968 and India at 1,156,897,766 and the third most populous country in the world is the United States with 307,212,123 (as of 2009  per the World Almanac and Book of Facts 2010).
There were so many other things that occurred: the auto and bank bailouts, the swine flu problem, terrorism and on and on.  But we made it through.  It is such a blessing to realize that there is a Supreme Being Who still sits on the throne and makes all the calls!  I am so thankful that our God in Heaven hasn’t forgotten us!  Aren’t you?
2. Laugh a little:
Jack Benny likes to credit his father with a gem of musical criticism.  Back in Waukegan, Jack practiced faithfully on his violin each day.  One Saturday a neighboring dog passed by and started howling dolefully under the window of the room where Jack was sawing away.  Finally his father shouted downstairs, “For pity’s sake, Jack, can’t you play some piece that dog doesn’t know?”
A guy applies for a job with a clothing store.  He tells the manager “I really need this job.  Please give me a chance.  I can sell anything.”  The manager says, “Let’s see how good you are.”  He shows the guy a suit so ugly that it has been in stock for years.  Nobody could sell it.  He tells the salesman, “If you sell this suit, you’ve got the job.”  The guy goes to work, and the manager goes out for lunch.  When the manager returns, the new salesman, with his clothes all torn and bloody, tells him, “I sold the suit.”  The manger is absolutely elated, but noticing the condition the guy’s clothes are in, the manager asks, “Did you have a lot of resistance from the customer?”  The guy says, “No, I didn’t have any trouble from the customer, but I got some major resistance from his Seeing Eye dog.”
The other night a wife asked her husband, “Do you feel that the excitement has gone out of our marriage?”  He said, “I’ll discuss it with you during the next commercial.”
3. Thought for the month:

When one door closes another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us. 

-Alexander Graham Bell


4. Website of the month – Interview with Satan on his views about the church


5. Nazarene websites:

Rose Hill Church of the Nazarene: www.rosehillnazaarene.org

South Arkansas District: www.southarkansasdistrict.org

Southern Nazarene University: www.snu.edu/home/asp

Nazarene Headquarters: www.nazarene.org


6. Rose Hill News:


Choir practice just started this past Wednesday.  It is not too late to become a member.  We will meet next on Wednesday, Feb 3rd at 6:00 P.M. in the sanctuary.  For further information see Donna or one of the choir members.  Feb. 28th will be the annual choir’s all church chili lunch and pie auction immediately after the morning service. Donations will be accepted for lunch.  Hope you will plan on staying and fellowshipping with your choir.


Feb. 7th will be the Sunday School Breakfast starting at 8:30 AM


The Ladies Bible Study is each Tuesday at 10:00 AM and the Men’s Prayer Breakfast is the third Saturday at 8:00 AM.  Prime Timer’s meet on the first and third Thursday for a potluck lunch at the church at noon.


Rose Hill’s small groups are alive and well.  The Tribe of faith meets at the parsonage on Monday’s at 6:30 and George and Bonnie Bratton host a small group at their home on Thursdays at 7:00 PM.  If you haven’t tried one of them, you don’t know what you are missing!


Rose Hill birthdays include: Brenda Prater (4th) and Bonnie Bratton (8th).


If you know of someone who would like to receive the Rose Hill Herald please let the office know. 


Your Feedback:


Your response to the Rose Hill Herald is always welcome as well as any suggestions, articles or links you would like to submit.


Thank you

 Pastor Steve Comeans


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