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Subject: Rose Hill Herald


From: Steve Comeans (spcomeans@rosehillnazarene.org)


A publication of Rose Hill Church of the Nazarene

July 1, 2009

Volume 2, Issue 7


1. Pastor’s thoughts

2. Laugh a little

3. Thought for the month

4. Helpful websites

5. Nazarene websites

6. Rose Hill News


1. Pastor’s thoughts:

If you weren’t at Rose Hill the last Sunday of June, you really missed a very special day.  We had wonderful music; honored Charles Casey with the Distinguished Service Award (DSA); showed a video on the history of Rose Hill Church of the Nazarene; heard a “Friend Day” sermon, and had such a wonderful time of fellowship with dinner on the grounds.  Ron Carter put up an awning and brought in a big institutional fan and the Lord sent us some wonderful breezes.  Howard, Jeff, Sam, Ron and John grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and our church family brought in some of the finest picnic dishes I have ever tasted.  We rented one of those things that you blow up and the kids jump in (I can never remember what it is called) and Ron, Jim, John and Sam got it working and ready for the kids.  And your children really enjoyed it!  Of course the highlight was the wonderful water gun fight the kids had.  One of the cardinal rules was, “Thou shalt not shoot non-participating adults.”  Sad to say, Nancy Casey got a hold of one of the water guns and that rule was obliterated.   But, the water felt good!  We had a wonderful time.  It is so great to have such a wonderful church family that you can worship with and have fun with.  Rose Hill is the best kept secret in the Little Rock area.  Let’s change that!


2. Laugh a little:

As a mother said goodbye to her son who was returning to school after spring vacation, she reminded him to write often.  Another woman standing nearby heard the plea and gave this advice: “The surest way to get your son to write home is to send him a letter saying, ‘Here’s $50 dollars.  Spend it any way you like.”’  “And that will make my son write home?”  “Yes indeed.  You forget to enclose the money.”


A man called at the church and asked if he could speak to the Head Hog at the Trough.  The secretary said, “Who?”  The man replied, “I want to speak to the Head Hog of the Trough!”  Sure that she had heard correctly, the secretary said, “Sir, if you mean our pastor, you will have to treat him with more respect and ask for ‘the reverend’ or ‘the pastor.’  But certainly you cannot refer to him as the Head Hog at the Trough!” At this the man responded, “Oh, I see.  Well, I have $10,000 I was thinking about donating to the building fund.”  The secretary exclaimed, “Hold the line; I think the big pig just walked in the door.”


3. Thought for the month:

Shoot for the moon and you might reach a star! 

       -Victor Rayfer


4. Helpful websites:

Every 4 years, the Church of the Nazarene, as a denomination, gets together and determines policy.  Click on this website to view General Assembly meetings and praise and worship services:  http://nazarenemedialibrary.org/channels/General-Assembly-Video.aspx


Ever wish you had an excellent weather tool at your fingertips?  Then check out “Intellicast”:  http://www.intellicast.com/National/Radar/Current.aspx?animate=true


5. Nazarene websites:

Rose Hill Church of the Nazarene:  www.rosehillnazarene.org

South Arkansas District:  www.southarkansasdistrict.org

Southern Nazarene University: www.snu.edu/home.asp


6. Rose Hill news:

Due to the first Sunday of the month falling on July 5th and many of our folks will be enjoying the 3 day holiday, the Sunday School will not be having a Sunday breakfast on July 5th.  But plan on attending one August 2nd

The South Arkansas District Assembly and NMI and SDMI conventions will be taking place July 6-9 at the Little Rock First Church of the Nazarene at 1200 N Mississippi Street in Little Rock.  On Wednesday night, July 8th, we will be having an ordination service starting at 7:00 PM.  Rose Hill will transfer our services to Little Rock First Church of the Nazarene.  I want to urge you to attend.  It will be a very special service with General Superintendent JK Warrick speaking.

Some times when our only exposure to the Church of the Nazarene is in our local church, we fail to realize just how big our church family is.  At the District Assembly and the two conventions you can really see how big our family is. 


Rose Hill birthdays include: Larry Furrer (1st), Carolyn Edmison (3rd), Jaron Burnett (9th), Elvis Christian (15th), Billy Douglass (19th) and Howard Stephens (21st).


Rose Hill anniversaries include: Scott & Brenda Prater (7th), Bobby & Donna Jordan (15th) and Bobby & Leslie Siegler (24th).


If we have overlooked your birthday or anniversary, we apologize and ask that you please bring it to our attention.


Please note that the Ladies’ Bible Study is taking the month of July off.  They will re-start in August with a new Bible study.


Men’s Prayer Breakfast will be Saturday, July 18th at 8:00 A.M.


Prime Timers will meet for a potluck supper at the church on July 2nd at 6:30P.M. and will meet for a potluck lunch on July 16th at noon.


We have three small groups meeting.  Charles Casey leads one at the church on Sundays at 5:00 P.M.; Faith Comeans leads the Tribe of “faith” on Mondays at 6:30 P.M. at the parsonage and George Bratton leads one at his home at 3101 Vanness Drive in Little Rock on Thursdays at 7:00 P.M.  If you haven’t tried one of Rose Hill’s small groups, we invite you to try one soon! 


Your Feedback:

Your response to the Rose Hill Herald is always welcome as well as any suggestions, articles or links you would like to submit.


Thank you


Pastor Steve Comeans


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