As Christians we are blessed with the community of a church family. Fellowship with accountable friends brings us where we need to be, helps us in times of need and guides us to our next step.  A church that preaches the gospel and portrays the glory of God will illuminate a path for those who are seeking Him.  Our responsibility as Christ-followers is to align ourselves with Christ and take the hand of others, brushing them off as they stumble and pointing them in the direction of Christ.

As humans, we selfishly try to pave our own way through life. We overlook the fact that sometimes God has a better plan for us than the one we are trying to attain. Our brothers and sisters in Christ can help us lay aside our own ambitions and redirect our focus to where it belongs:  serving our generous Father and aligning our hearts and minds to His will. 

Rose Hill


11001 Kanis Road

Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

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